May Kilala Akong Isang Cum Laude.

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You might recognize him too. ;-)  He used to be that tubby toddler on the right.

But he's a tubby toddler no more.

... but he's still on the right!  XD

I wanted him to recreate the top picture with me but apparently, he's too shy for that now.  Heh.  XD  I'm not much for couple shirts but for family, I make exceptions.  I won the Hunger Games while he's a tourist that got himself a measly Quarter Quell souvenir shirt for his troubles.

Congratulations for graduating top of your class.  Valedictory speech and all!  ;-)  Ang sabi nga nila, "Nakaraos din!"  I can't wait for you to come back here so we can have our painfully geeky conversations in person, in real time.  I know you love it there, I do too, but I NEED YOU HERE or else I'll explode!  XD  Clingy much?

Also, a shoutout to UP LISSA... then, now, and the future.  Thank you for being the one org where both of us felt loved and where we felt like we belonged. Personally, thank you for taking care of Jerico.  It's not easy being oceans and continents apart from immediate family.  He did have some family with him as well but based on his stories, UP LISSA is also part of that family.