Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

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I loved it so much, I watched it twice in one day!

Well, not really.  I did love it.  But to watch it twice in a day?  Let's just say that the second one was free.  There.  I never say no to free stuff.  And if it's something that I truly like, bring it!

There is no secret that my favorite Avenger is Captain America, closely followed by Hawkeye.  It's no coincidence that these roles are played by two of the hottest beings on the planet, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner, respectively.  All of that makes my movie-going experience all the more enjoyable.

I knew that I was going to like a Captain America movie regardless.  That's how I roll with the stuff I irrationally love.  But this went beyond my already high expectations.  It wasn't as geeky fun as The Avengers but this is by far the most story-driven superhero movie that I've ever seen.  There wasn't a dull moment or bad acting or fillers... it was an adventure from the first second to the very last.

This is honestly the first time where I liked these two main-ish characters: Nick Fury and Black Widow.  I'm not much of a Scarlett Johansson fan; I never saw the "wow" in her acting but something changed in Black Widow in this movie.  She's more snarky and witty and less out of place.  Even her one "comedy" line was great.  (The trailers of Lucy looks fcking amazing.)  Nick Fury stopped being a douchebag.  His vulnerability is a nice change and it actually made him more badass.  Maria Hill should've been this fierce in The Avengers.  They barely used her there and she's more than a glorified secretary to Fury.

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Falcon was great.  A deserving addition to the universe.  Maybe not for The Avengers but definitely for the subsequent Captain America sequels.  Speaking of sequels, the Winter Soldier... there's a comic storyline I want them to follow where the Winter Solider assumes the position of Captain America... actually becomes Captain America.  If I can't have my Civil War arc, I want this.  The post-credits scene opens so many possibilities for Bucky.  And really, Sebastian Stan in anything.  ANYTHING.

But the man of the (two) hour(s)... Chris Evans.  Whoo!  *fans self*  JFC, I have a selfie with this hot man.

Oh, Under Armour is the official clothing sponsor of SHIELD.  Wilson is not an agent of SHIELD therefore, he wears Nike.  XD  There's this one scene where Rogers comes out of the bathroom and... yeah, I almost had to excuse myself from the cinema.

I love how he plays Steve.  Better than when he had to portray Johnny Storm.  His earnestness and his faith in humanity punches me in the gut.  No wonder Steve can lift Thor's hammer.

Unlike other superhero movies, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is teeming with serious issues.  Politics, power struggles, espionage... it's not just a self-serving issue or crisis of a paranormal nature.  Granted, Steve would've had an easier time if The Avengers were there to help him but this is solely a Captain America struggle.  (Or at least have Hawkeye there. I mean, Natasha's great and all but gotta have my Clint Barton.)

I'm glad they included Peggy Carter.  And not just in a flashback.  Speaking of flashbacks, I loooove how they included that aspect.  It totally helped the story and again, it showed a vulnerable side to an otherwise untouchable character.

Would I watch it again?  For free, yes. ;-)

Good thing I got this at the SHIELD gift shop before… you know if you watched the movie already.

And yes, my phone case is the map of Middle-Earth.