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I was looking through my old Tumblr, yes I have one, and I found these K-pop questionnaires that I filled up about two years ago. I cooled off K-pop in the first half of 2014 and only now have I been back in the game (thank you, WINNER).

I thought it would be interesting to fill them up again. Maybe my tastes have changed (no) or I've warmed up to more acts (eh). Let's see.

KPOP "QUIZ". 2013.

1. First KPOP Group? BIGBANG was the first that I really followed. But thinking back now, Epik High was the first that I liked.
2. First KPOP Song? Answer the Phone by Mina.
3. Favorite Male KPOP Group? BIGBANG.  WINNER is getting up there.
4. Favorite Female KPOP Group?  2NE1.
5. Favorite Solo Artist? Taeyang.
6. Favorite KPOP Song? Currently? Color Ring by WINNER
7. Favorite KPOP Music Video?  I still prefer live performances but K-pop videos are still way more interesting than Western MVs. Hmm, I haven't been watching a lot of MVs lately though. A lot of awards night performances though.
8. Favorite Ballad? I’ll Back Off So You Can Live by G.Na - I still love this. But I have new favorites. I already mentioned Color Ring. Another is Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang. That song, man... song of 2014.
9. Catchiest Tune? For catchy songs, that's the only time I go to SM Entertainment. But lately, YG has gotten that too with WINNER's Don't Flirt.
10. Best Male Dancer?  Lee Seunghoon of WINNER. This dude.
11. Best Female Dancer?  I don't pay attention all that much to the girls. And their "dances".
12. Best Male Vocalist?  My iPod had me listening to Se7en lately. I miss him. Please come back. 
13. Best Female Vocalist? A toss up between Ailee and Sistar's Hyorin. They can outscream each other all they want and I'll still listen to it.
14. Best Male Rapper? Still, TOP. I love you, Song Minho but yeah... TOP.
15. Best Female Rapper? NOT CL. Sorry, but miss A's Jia who is Chinese and does not have perfect Korean can rap better than "everyone's favorite Asian MC". No, thank you.
16. Best Male Leader? G-Dragon.  
17. Best Female Leader? I don't have a favorite. You guys know how I feel about CL, right?
18. Current song you’re listening to?  Know Your Name by Jay Park.
19. Previous song you’re listening to? How to Love by B2ST.
20. Next song you will be listening to?  I'm still waiting for Pandora... Make Good Love by Se7en. See what I mean.
21. Current KPOP Group addiction?  WINNER!
22. Current KPOP Song addiction? WINNER's cover of 2NE1's Missing You.

23. Female KPOP Idol bias? Say what you will… it’ll always and forever be Sandara Park! (And it still is.)
24. Male KPOP Idol bias?  Every single one of them in WINNER. 
26. Hottest Male Idol?  CHOI SEUNG HYUN.  There's a clear reason why his stage name is TOP. ;-)
27. Hottest Female Idol?  Bom's legs.
28. Cutest Male Idol?  Song... Minguk! XD I kid. What is cute anyway? I mean, Kim Jinwoo of WINNER can be cute but he has this manly appeal to him as well.
29. Prettiest Female Idol? Sandara Park. Because she doesn't age. 
30. Cutest maknae? Seungri!  <3  LOL it's hard to wrap my brain around it now... that Seungri is maknae. XD
31. MBC, KBS or SBS? KBS because they bring me my Song Triplets lol.
32. Are you active on AllKPop?  nope
33. Which Fandoms are you apart of?  VIP and Inner Circle. Nothing official though.
34. Which KPOP Group forum are you most active on? does Twitter count?  @tonicate10.
35. What is your favorite Korean Drama? Secret Garden forever and ever! AMEN. And I did also like I Hear Your Voice

EXTRAS. 2013.
I'm not answering all 100 questions though.

1. Favorite group(s)? BIGBANG, WINNER, Akdong Musician.
2. Favorite guy group & bias?
 BIGBANG — Seungri; WINNER - all of them.
3. Favorite girl group & bias? 
2NE1 — Sandara
4. All-time bias? GD&TOP. I live for the day they do a Volume 2. 
5. Favorite maknae? Seungri forever.

6. Favorite leader? G-Dragon
7. Favorite song? … ever? Probably Last Farewell by BIGBANG. I do have other favorites but yeah, ever... that's my answer.
8. Favorite Japanese version of a song? Hmm… I have to say… Ms. Liar by BIGBANG. And Go Away by 2ne1 as close second. (Answer still stands.) And also, TOP's part in Fantastic Baby.
9. Favorite English version of a song? LALALA by BIGBANG
10. Best actor in Kpop? TOP. ;-)
11. Best group on variety shows? My YG babies are terribly awkward on variety shows lol. I just watch Running Man and the main cast is entertaining enough that I don't care about the guests lol.
12. Best-looking? WINNER. There's a reason why YG gave them a runway model concept for their debut. A total 180 from their hip-hop "roots".
13. Cutest couple? Tablo and Kang Hye Jung! Relationship goal.
14. Who would you date? Nam Taehyun. LOL. I'd go for Song Minho too but I'm fascinated with Taehyun.
15. Who would you date if you were the opposite gender? Idk. Not interested.
16. Who would you want as an older brother? Song Minho. Seeing how he interacts with his little sister, Danah, I want that too. But I'm 5 years older than the guy. ;__;

17. Who would you want as an older sister? Sandara. We both can speak Tagalog.
18. Who would make a good husband/wife? Tablo does a great job. ;-)
19. Favorite album? Still Alive Special edition. 
And 2014 S/S from WINNER.
20. Favorite solo artist? Ailee. And I also liked Hyorin's solo work.
21. Favorite under-appreciated group? Ladies' Code. May Eunbi and Rise rest in peace.
22. Favorite music video? I don't have a current favorite. I haven't been watching a lot of MVs.

23. Favorite dance? The choreography for 2ne1's Fire and Come Back Home.
24. Favorite costumes/outfits? The whole high fashion concept for WINNER. 
25. Favorite remix? acoustic version of Haru Haru by BIGBANG
51. Funniest girl group & funniest girl in the group? Not much into girl groups.
52. Funniest guy group & funniest guy in the group? I’m not into that many guy groups either but whenever BIGBANG is on a variety show, make sure to watch Seungri.
53. Funniest group of all? The Running Man cast! ;-)
54. Funniest person of all? I haven’t seen all persons… ;)
55. Funniest dance? No idea.

56. Funniest song? Wolf by EXO. Even the hardcore fans think it's ridic.
57. Funniest costumes/outfits? Dirty Cash by BIGBANG

58. Funniest music video? same as above
59. Funniest couple? Hmm… any of the Running Man cast paired up.
60. Funniest Parody? SECRET BIGBANG!!!!!
61. Funniest buffalaxed version? "Quote-unquote".

62. Funniest variety show episode with a Kpop artist? YG Family Special on Strong Heart.
63. Funniest impersonation? TOP and Seungri of Ynag Hyunsuk.
64. Funniest face? 
Those funny faces give me secondhand embarrassment. 
65. Funniest mistake onstage? Something that I’ve seen myself. Not really a mistake but something that didn’t go 100% right. On the 2nd night of the BIGBANG concert in California, before Fantastic Baby, Taeyang was struggling to take off his jacket. It took him, Seungri, 3 dancers, and a lot of tugging to get it off his right arm.
66. Do you have any Kpop posters? Yes. None of them are up on my wall though.

67. Do you have any of the actual CDs? All 3 of WINNER's 2014 2/2 editions, 2 YG Family Concerts, both of GD's One of a Kind editions, Still Alive Daesung edition, and Tonight Special Edition. I think that's all. For now.
68. If you’ve bought any Kpop songs on iTunes, how many have you bought? Akdong Musician's PLAY
69. Have you ever covered a Kpop song or dance? Have you posted your cover online? I haven’t posted them lol. But yes, I have covered Lonely and Missing You
70. Have you ever participated in a Kpop flash mob? I wanted to. 

71. Have you ever been to a live concert? YEEEESSSSSS!!!!
72. Have you ever talked to a Kpop artist in person? Does pre-2ne1 Sandara Park count…
73. Do you have anything signed by a Kpop artist? Almost. I almost bought a BTS signed album at KCON 2013 for a giveaway but decided otherwise.

74. Do you check allkpop or another Kpop news website daily or on a regular basis? If I'm bored, yes.
75. Do you have a Kpop tumblr? If not, do you look at other peoples’ Kpop tumblrs? No and no.
76. How did you get into Kpop? I knew OF KPOP when I was in high school.
77. What was the first song you ever heard? Answer the Phone by MINA
78. First group you knew about? Shinhwa.
79. First group you really got into? 2NE1.
80. How long ago did you discover Kpop? Almost 15 years ago lol. 

81. Did you like it or dislike it when you first discovered it? Erm… I was so into CPOP back then so I didn’t latch on to KPOP that much. I have to admit, until now, I’m not liking a LOT of the KPOP songs of today. I like KPOP to an extent - say, just the specific artists I listen to. I’m trying to branch out but I don’t find a lot of stuff that I genuinely like.
82. Is your current favorite group the first one you discovered? No. But I’ve heard of BIGBANG by way of Lies back in college so I knew they existed back then.
83. If not, how long did it take you to discover your favorite group? One listen to Tonight and I was gone. 

84. First variety/reality show you watched that had a Kpop artist in it? Running Man.
85. First song/MV/pic/whatever that made you fangirl scream? It was a TOP photo and I was physically shocked at how beautiful that man is.
98. If you were only able to say five words max to your bias, what would you say? Can you hold my hand?
99. If your bias kissed you, how would you react? I’d kiss him back! You kidding?!
100. If your bias asked you to marry him/her, how would you react? Let’s do that right now!


Haha, so my answers are not that different after all. It's still very YG-centric with the addition of WINNER into the mix. I don't think that'll ever change. Say what you want but I prefer YG music over any other agency's. Not saying they're crap but eh, it's just is. 

Speaking of WINNER, they're a revelation. I've cooled off from K-pop in mid-2014 until I heard their version of Missing You. That incredible bridge part is the best vocal performance of any K-pop group ever. And it's thanks to their rap line! They haven't officially debuted yet when I visited South Korea so I missed out on that. But now, I have all of the CDs and DVDs that they've released. And yet I refused to be called an "Incle". What the hell kind of word is that?