My Last Post Was March 10, 2016.

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And it seemed like I fell off the face of the earth. Or Blogger, at least. What happened?

Well, I've been active on my book blog. If you follow me there, you'd know that my reading life has been thriving. I'm two books away from my 25-book goal. And I'm buying books in such a crazy pace. (I just placed yet another Book Outlet order for another 11 books. Yep.)

So why have I been away from this blog? I guess I'm blaming WonderCon 2016. LOL. I was going to post recaps of several events I attended. But those posts are tedious to do and overwhelming. You know me, I can't do short recaps with 2-3 pictures. And I never got in the right mood to dedicate time and effort to do it back in March. It then affected everything else that followed WonderCon. I went to the Captain America: Civil War premiere, by the way.

That's about it.

I even stopped journaling. I got overwhelmed; having never blogged for years to maintaining three written journals at the same time? What? I got in too deep watching those really creative journal videos that I lost sight of what it was ultimately about: writing down your thoughts at the end of the day on a medium where no one can read it. The truly personal stuff. What I really think about people. I've gone through a rather shattering reality check about some things and people that I come to love and respect and those things are the ones that should be kept out of social media. I don't fully understand it yet myself but I could talk about it to the ground without fully letting go of it. I think I need to write it down, talk about it with myself rather than someone else. I guess when I say that "I have nothing to hide," that is just a load of bull. XD

I really should start blogging here again. July is going to be a BUSY month with three conventions and a food fest. Anime Expo is right around the corner and this year, we'll be doing something different. A J-pop concert! We don't really know anyone on the roster (except Sphere) but we just want to experience being a part of the hikikomori crowd, as people call them. We're going for the very first time to EVO in Las Vegas. I'm so flippin' excited for that. And of course, KCON LA 2016. I had the easier ticket-buying experience for that... using the ever-reliable internet of Manila, Philippines!

Speaking of...

Yep. I just got back from a much-needed vacation. Mom and I did have official business in Manila but really, I just tagged along for the heck of it. I had two weeks of vacation and I wanted to use it. I needed to take a break from work and everything that came with it. And I did it at the right time. I'm happy I did. Now, I do feel a bit energized and seriously, I need the money for July's slew of events.

We also had a 9-hour layover in South Korea, going back to LA. Last time, it was 15 hours. I wasn't so lucky this time. We took the free tours provided by the airport instead of a self-tour and guys, if it were the last resort, fine... but I don't really recommend it. Not if you've been to Korea before. I mean, it wasn't BAD. If it's your first time or not really interested, it's quite good. But it could've been better. More on my trip on the next post, I promise.

(I wanted to post about our Korea self-tour after the fact but it got lost in the mess. Maybe this is the perfect time to revisit that, compare it to the guided tour. Yes?)

How is that for a quick update? Today's my first day back at work so I have a lot of catching up to do. Hopefully, things changed for the better around here while I was gone.