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(I have not abandoned this blog. No way. I just slumped when I got to the 2nd night of KCON. Needless to say, I don't enjoy writing about stuff that I don't actually like. But life goes on.)

First of all, let me extend my belated birthday greetings to: singer/actor Constantine Maroulis, designer Nate Berkus, tennis player Tomas Berdych, singer and voice actor Minako Kotobuki, singer/songwriter Aiza Seguerra, and the Opening Ceremonies of the Seoul Summer Olympics. We all share one special date.


I am one of those people who make a big deal ON my birthday. That is my one day that is for me. Not catering to what other people want of and from me. It's my day. I will spend as much as I want, eat what I desire, do what ever that comes into mind. This past weekend was pretty awesome on my scale.

Having said that, I'm not big into actually celebrating my birthday. I rather have it low key... actually alone sometimes. I'm not a party person. I have "celebrated" my birthday with friends in the past but it's not a yearly thing. But hey, if they're okay going with me to conventions, why not.

Which brings me to this year's ~celebration. I spent my birthday at my first Long Beach Comic Con. This event wasn't even on my radar until I saw the guest list. One of my favorite voice actors, TROY BAKER, was going to be there. I thought, hey... it's gonna fall on my birthday and what a way to treat myself. 

I went there to meet Troy Baker and walked away with a few lovely things to commemorate my LBCC2016 experience. It's definitely smaller than what I'm used to but it was still fun. But yeah, I'm still reeling that I met Kanji Tatsu- I mean, Troy Baker lol. 

Hehe, yeah. Short girl problems. Funny, I'm actually writing an article about how I love being short and how it is "uncool" to do ... erm... that above. But in my heart of hearts... I make an exception. XD He's 6'3". I am... not. Oh well. 

I originally wanted him to sign Kanji Tatsumi's arcana but we couldn't find it at home. Instead, my brother found his Catherine game. He voices the main character, Vincent Brooks. As usual, I wanted him to sign with his favorite line from the game. He said it was the long "Aaaaahhhhh...." Vincent says. LOL. And then he asked me which one I was, Katherine or Catherine. Well, I gotta keep it real and stick with the C, right? XD I told him it was my birthday so he added that on my autograph too.

He's so cool. I'm still over the moon about meeting him! I only get this way with fighting game players and voice actors. The Hollywood types, I can handle. 

And oh, I bought a wand! My cheapo wand broke. Guys, when they say "The wand chooses the wizard," believe it. Central Curios has a lot of wands on display but I kept coming back to one. This dainty, almost unassuming thing of beauty. It's one-of-a-kind.

He also said something about the Cherry wood being strong or something about guidance... well, my mother's name is Cherry so I guess that's right on the money. I love the design on the handle; it's simple and oh boy, the smell of wood! I actually want another one so I might check out NerdBot Con next week. After all, I live five minutes away from the venue. Listen to the wandmaker talk about it here: Nerd with an Opinion

I also found the most adorable plushie of Fullmetal Alchemist characters. I just couldn't pass it up. 

The store is called Wee Bit O' Freak. I first saw this Alex Louis Armstrong and to my surprise, she has the whole gang there. Yes, even Heymans Breda. I wanted them all. And I can tell them apart from each other which is so important to me. I can't even do that for some Funkos! She said she doesn't have Maria Ross and Denny Brosh yet. I wonder if she does other cons. I want to get my girl Hawkeye!

It was a small-ish con, not really my fandom but dang, it was still so much fun. Artist Alley is still the place to be. Pass by multiple times because you'll never know. You may miss that one piece of art on your first pass. We certainly did. It wasn't a huge haul but we still loved it.

Let's see who they have for next year~ 

Here's to a wonderful 28th year of existence!