The Wimbledon Championships 2012

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Roger Federer fans
The Federer is once again king of tennis.  After his 2012 Wimbledon win, he equals Pete Sampras with 7 Wimbledon titles.  It is also his 17th Grand Slam win that earned him back the World #1 ranking, once again, equaling Sampras who stayed at number one for 286 non-consecutive weeks.  On July 16, Federer will officially break that record.

It's just too much.  Man, Federer is such an icon!  And what a time to be a fan.  :)  Pictured above is one of the banners that circled the world filled with messages from Federer fans.  My friend, Diana, brought it to the Philippines and we all signed it before she flew to Dubai to watch a tournament.  This particular banner has since been retired and, as I believe, is now in Roger's possession.  My signature was right up at the S of "Shhh!!"  Ah... to be a part of his many career memorabilia.

My beloved RF cap + My Babolat Aero Pro Drive

As much as I love Roger and everything Federer, I also love - yes, LOVE - Rafael Nadal.  I'm sorry but I can't not love him too.  Their rivalry is fierce and their friendship is just admirable.  They are not afraid to criticize each other but one is a huge fan of the talent and character of the other.  Every "Fedal" meeting is bittersweet.  I want them both to win but that's impossible in tennis.  I pretty much died when they jokingly played doubles partners in that exho one time.  What if they did that for real?  =)