Dancing on my Own

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I hate flats.  Those slip on ballet flats.

And not because I'm short and I need all the boost I can get.  They hurt.  They give me nasty blisters.  That's why I have a stash of band aids in my bag at all times.  I have one pair, just to try it out.  I don't think I'll ever buy another pair.  Even if they are Tory Burch ones.  I'll stick to anything with heels or sneaks.

It was an awfully long day at work today.  Yesterday as well.  My horrid superiors were extra difficult these past two days.  I'm learning to ignore them but their incompetence... I am having a hard time tolerating it.  Oh well, you cannot argue with stupid.

My fortune cookie for today got it right, Your qualities overshadow your weaknesses.  But what if you don't have "qualities"?  (I'm sure all of us have redeeming qualities; but it's not always noticeable.)

By the way, I've taken a break from the song that will most likely end up my Song of the Month.  I've come across the single G-Dragon & T.O.P. did with Pixie Lott called Dancing on my Own.

I just wish these two can speak in English as well as they can rap in it.  TOP's English here is pretty good.  My problem with the English in Big Bang's songs (excluding the English versions) is that they don't always fit.  Or make sense.  The way I call it, para may masabi lang.  Just so they can say something [in English].  I have a love/hate relationship with their old school style of hip-hop/rap.  On the one hand, I prefer that over the rap scene today but on the other, the "uh... yeah... throw yo hands in da air..." sometimes feel outdated, awkward, and cringe-worthy.  But they've since grown up in both sound and style.  I still like that classic hip-hop that they seem to do well.

Either way, I like their kind of music.  Good music still exists... even if it is in a language that you don't speak.