July 2012 Favorites

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If you watch Youtube, you would know that this kind of list is popular among the beauty community and other special interest groups.  I'm too chicken to do a video about my monthly favorites so here goes my list. 

1. 2NE1
By far my favorite female Asian group.  I've expressed my admiration for this quartet in the past and they still continue to impress me.  I have listened to more K-Pop groups since then but I keep on coming back to their songs, their videos, and their live performances.  And they have proved that they are not just a techno-dance pop group.  Check out their unplugged, one-take version of UGLY.

Those CK sunglasses are a fave too!
2. Everything A GAME OF THRONES - book, TV, audio book, graphic novel
I've put off reading/starting with this book/series because if I end up liking it, I might get sucked in.  And I'm right.  I finished the first two books inside of 3 weeks.  On impulse, I bought the book.  I started watching the show because of Sean Bean.  I've been audio booking while at work.  I find myself randomly quoting either the book or TV show.  I mean, Hodor!  I even got my co-workers into the show.  The books are so creative, the TV show is incredible -- definitely the best acting by an ensemble in the longest time.  I'm currently reading the 3rd book and I cannot wait for the 3rd season.  Also, I am currently obsessed with Arya/Gendry.

3. Razzmatazz from Jamba Juice
I've tried everything on Jamba Juice's permanent menu.  This is pretty much the one thing I don't mind ordering over and over again.  Sure, there are other good stuff on there but Razzmatazz is the one I remember the most up to the point of actually craving it.  I take mine with an energy boost.

I cannot stop browsing their site!  I kind of want all of their stuff.  ^^,  They're products start at $1 and with promos like free shipping and free stuff, there is no better deal out there.  I've placed big orders before and I'm waiting for another one right now.

5. The Katniss Braid
This has been my go-to hairstyle for most of July.  I cannot believe how easy it is to do.  I did start off watching tutorials (everyone and their mother has a video on this) but I eventually figured it out of my own.

6. Surivival Run with Bear Grylls
It's like Temple Run but with Bear Grylls.  I can't stop playing it!  Temple Run's great too but I've discovered this one and can't seem to quit.

7. Subway Surfing
Another one of those Temple Run-like games on the iPad.  But instead of tilting your tablet, you just change lanes by swiping at the pad.  Also very fun.

8. Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino
I call this my all-time favorite.  I might change a current favorite but I will always come back to my beloved green tea frappuccino.  If I'm early getting to work, I kill off some minutes to get in line for my morning green pick-me-up.

9. Starbucks Sausage and Cheddar sandwich
Add catsup and pair with any cold drink and there's my hearty breakfast.  I used to like the sausage sandwich at McDonald's but that sandwich here isn't as good as the one in the Philippines for some reason.

10. Political Animals
I have a feeling that Sebastian Stan is to blame for this.  ;)  It's been a while since I started watching new shows.  Watching TV shows as they air, even rarer.  It's not the best show but I've been enjoying it.

11. My Mickey Mouse watch
Think Robert Langdon's watch.  Yeah.  I'm not much of a Mickey fan but I thought with Mickey's hands acting as the watch's hands, it looked pretty cool and geeky at the same time.  I got it for $25 at Sears.

Should I do a favorite cosmetic products post?  Maybe.  I change my stuff, especially lip products almost everyday so it'll be harder to put up a favorite from that lot.