C'est la vie!

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Just a quick Flashback Friday entry...

Do you ever come across a song that you used to love but haven't heard in years?  And when you randomly hear it again, you start singing along, and then you realize... hmm, I still know ALL the words!  I've had that happen to me many times but just recently, it's with this song.

Na-na-na-heeey... na-na-na-hoo...

I swear to you.  I still know all the words to this song.  During my boyband phase, there was a sub-category that I also fell into and that was Irish Pop.  When I got obsessed with Westlife, I also got into their predecessors, Boyzone.  Boyzone member Shane Lynch has twin sisters who were also in the music business and they were in this girl band called B*Witched.   I dug the Irish-y sound so I ate all of that up.  My favorite B*Witched song is Blame It on the Weatherman but C'est La Vie is special.

(Not to mention it is one of the biggest double meaning songs ever lol.  The first one being 2 Become 1.  And to think little kids used to sing this hahaha...)