I met a boy called Frank Mills...

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... on September 12th right here.

Last year, I posted different versions of this song on ihaskidgloves.  I've always loved cover versions and it makes me happy to find a cover I love... much more if that version is better than the original.  It doesn't happen that often but when it does, it makes my day!

Speaking of making days, I never thought my job would actually make my day.  First of all, I've been working there for exactly one year today.  Yay for that, I guess.  "Happy" anniversary to me.

But really, my day-makers are two buyer names.  I kid you not when you see these names:

Young Kwon.  I was clearing out payment receipts.  I'm pretty good with remembering what I read and I'm a fast reader.  I had to do a double take when I saw this.  Young.  Kwon.  LOL, Kwon Ji Young, anyone?  ;-)  구름을 가르고 다가온 G-Dragon.

But this one takes the cake... I got a phone call from a customer asking for his item. 

Me: May I have your name, sir?
Customer: Ah... it is Choi Seung Hwan.
Me: ... what?!  I mean, can you repeat that, sir?
Customer: My name is Choi Seung Hwan.
Me: Can you... spell the last part?

I really can't remember much about that conversation.  I'm sure I transferred the call but damn, I was surprised as hell.  A few letters in that last part would've killed me.  XD  Choi Seung Hyun, the things you do to me.