Spartacus: War of the Damned Red Carpet (20130122)

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Last Tuesday, I took my mom to her first red carpet premiere.  Yes, my mom doesn't like the 4-hour long waiting that I usually do when attending these things.  I took my brother to the one for The Avengers and he almost gave up on that.  Good thing he didn't though.  From my experience from last year, Spartacus red carpet premieres are a more muted event with more grown ups, less batshitcrazy fans.  So I figured I might as well get my mom into the experience.

Yes, I took my mother to the Spartacus: War of the Damned premiere.  Spartacus... the show known for blood, gore, sex, and violence.  Heh.  I happen to absolutely LOVE this show.  I think it's pure genius - writing, acting, graphic - everything about it is amazeballs.  My mom doesn't really follow the show but she knows about it.  And besides, I didn't take her for the episode-watch, I mean I can wait two-three days to see it on my TV.  I took her to see the actors.  She might not know any of them (apart from John Hannah and Lucy Lawless probably) but hey, they're hot and good-looking a fck!

The premiere was held at the Regal Theatres at LA Live.  I don't like how they did things.  It's like they had no idea why fans - with passes or not - line up early for a premiere.  Fans line up because they want to see the stars and possibly take pictures with them.  At least with the Spartacus premiere last year, it was disorganized but fans still got to meet the stars who walked the red carpet.  This year, unless you make a mad dash from the ticket line to the fan area, you're screwed.  But I still managed to snap a couple of pics with the actors.  I just really don't like how this premiere was handled.  As if Starz still couldn't believe the turn out this show will have.  And I think Regal still have to work out how to handle a premiere.  I'm not a fan of Arclight Cinerama Done premieres but they handle it better out there.

Dan Feuerrigiel, Agron
I managed to get photos with two of the actors, Dan Feuerriegel and Peter Mensah.  Now, I wanted to meet Peter Mensah in the last True Blood premiere I went to but he didn't attend that.  His character, Oenomaus, is my brother's and my favorite character in the whole entire series.  We think he's awesome... looking all statue manly but he had a softer side.  That's why I was so happy to get a photo with him.  I also got one with the oh so nice Dan Feuerriegel.  He looks thinner in person.  But look at that huge smile of his!

The moment that made my night was from Peter Mensah.  I had another person take a photo of us on my S3 and I have this cat case on it.  I didn't buy it off that site though.  But yeah, it's a peeking cat and I actually thought of replacing it soon.  So after the picture, Mr. Mensah started laughing (see his smile on my picture!) and pointed to my phone.

Peter Mensah, Oenomaus
"That is possibly one of the cutest phone cases that I've seen ever!"

Oh man.  I might just keep that phone case forever and ever.  XD

Geez, that man is so tall.  I should start a list of very tall people I've had photos with... Peter Mensah, Dan Feuerriegel, Alexander Skarsgard, Joe Manganiello.

I tried to get other actors; I saw John Hannah (The Mummy, yo) in the lobby but he was busy talking with people and I didn't want to be rude.  I also so Liam McIntyre but I already have a picture with him from last year.  I wish I was brave enough to approch Rob Tapert, the producer of the show and Lucy Lawless' husband but eh, missed opportunity.

So the meeting/taking pics with the cast was a bust.  But something neither my mom nor I expected was scoring FRONT ROW and SMACK DAB CENTER seats to watch the episode.  I know that sitting in the very front of a movie theater sucks but being a photo girl, I was excited to have the cast right in front of me with just the carpeted floor between us.  Did I mention Dustin Clare who plays the rockstar gladiator Gannicus was in attendance?  I got my wish!!!

I pretty much freaked out when I saw the photo updates from the Starz twitter.  Dustin Clare!  I was so bummed when he was a no-show last year.  Oh how much I love Gods of the Arena. I'm glad that he was able to come to this last one.  He's so good-looking, it hurts.  And to stand there with Liam McIntyre and Manu Bennett and Dan... damn, are they all that hot and handsome down under?  XD

This happened. Right in front of me.
It was dark in the theater and I didn't use flash so please forgive the editing; it's the best that I can do.  There you go.  When Rob Tapert was introducing the cast, he got to Liam and Dustin last.  Even my mom said that they're absolutely good looking. 

Almost everyone was there.  Except Craig Parker, unfortunately.  And to think I wore my "One must does simply walk into Mordor" shirt for him.  XD  Hahaha, that's okay.  Manu Bennett was in The Hobbit as the Pale Orc.  That counts.  Lovely to see newlywed Katrina Law and the ever gorgeous Viva Bianca. 

I love Spartacus fans.  They were so animated.  And most of them were guys!  As the cast started going into the theater, a couple of them started chanting drinking songs.  Especially when they saw Dustin Clare!  It was so much fun!  Guuuh, Dustin... <3

I won't say much about the episode itself.  Just watch it and see for yourself.  I personally thought it was brilliant and it sets the bar pretty high for the rest of this final season.  I'm sad that it's over but this show might go down as one of my - if not THE - favorite TV shows of all time.  When I first discovered this, my eyes were opened and I was instantly hooked.  I got so many people watching and liking this not because of the gore or the sex but at how brilliant everything is in this show.  Especially the dialogue.  So hats off to Steven DeKnight and his team.  To Starz for being brazen enough to bring this on air.  To the actors and actresses and crew who give it their absolute all.  I love you all and here's to a wonderful season.

More pics after the cut.  All photos belong to me.