Review: Skinfood Honey Glossy Rouge in #331 Garden Balsam

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Continuing with the Skinfood week, we have the lipstick that I picked with the help of my mom.  I tend to short circuit when presented a wide range of lipstick colors.  I want to try them all, swatch them all, and eventually... buy them all.  The back of my right hand would look like a girly rainbow at any time I stopped by an Etude House stall or boutique from all the swatches I made.  I just couldn't make the decision which color/s to buy!

The same thing happened with me at Skinfood.  I went in to look at the oranges but walked away with a peachy-pink color.  I wasn't liking the orange in the line.  Maybe because of the buttery texture the formula has that it came across as sheer.  It took a couple of swipes for opacity.  Then I had to choose between this color and a beige-y nude.  My mom voted for this so here we are.

Like the Tomato Smoothy Tint, it comes wrapped in clear plastic with information stickers.  But notice that there is no English name anywhere.  Just the number.  But don't worry... I got you... refer to the photo on the upper right side.

Honey Glossy 

Garden Balsam

There you go.  Garden Balsam.  Yay for Hangul-ized English words.  But wait... isn't "balsam" associated with the color green?  Well, click here for the picture of the flower named Garden Balsam.  Make sense now?  끝.  ^o^

I'm not a huge fan of the packaging of this lipstick.  I'm not asking for Etude House-like girly cuteness.  The cap feels flimsy.  The body feels pretty solid but the cap feels like a thin piece of aluminum.  It feels a bit cheap.  I think the Skinfood angel embossed on the top of the tube is a cute accent though. 

It reminds me of the packaging of the ELF Essential lipsticks, as pictured above.  Although to be fair, it doesn't feel as cheap as that.  But the metal-like color is not very appealing.  The shape of the lipstick itself is interesting.  Instead of having an angled top, it has a pointed one.  The texture is very soft and creamy.  Just like the ELF counterpart, I feel like I have to be a bit careful when applying it because I'm afraid it might break if I press hard enough.  It does not have shimmer but it applies with a sheen akin to a lip butter.  In fact, it kind of feels like a tinted lip balm.  It applies smoothly and evenly on the lips.  And it is very moisturizing.  

Again with the fail lip swatch.  LOL.

The photo above was taken with flash and I think it shows up true to color.  On the lips, well it's a bit washed out.  I don't have great lighting in my room and natural light is hard to come by.  But I'm trying!  XD  The color is very wearable and cute.  It smells like... well, it reminds me of the Estee Lauder lipsticks and that typical sweet smell that I'm sure many of us associate with lipstick.  It doesn't bother me.  

I might look at the other shades in this collection.  I do like the formula but it does feel a bit heavy after 2-3 layers.  And if the orange that I swatched was any indication, a lot of these are on the sheer side.  But we'll see.

Price: $11.00
Where: Skinfood Glendale Galleria