March 10-17, YG Week

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I wasn't lying when I said my phone cover is 싸이 오빠 doing the dance.  I got this little cutie and yes, I'm not ashamed to use it.  I still like listening to 강남 스타일.  Way better than that Harlem Shake thing, honestly.

This is like having a little friend with me all that time.  A pocket Psy-oppa!  Now if I can only find a BIGBANG one... ;-)  I like these rubbery cases more than the harder ones.  They're easier to locate in my bag and they make my phone easier to hold.  Although I remove this whenever I have to pull out my phone in Koreatown... ㅋㅋㅋ...

As I've mentioned before, I do have a job.  Money's money but my days are boring.  I don't have anyone to talk to so sometimes, I end up talking to myself in English, Tagalog, Spanish, and Korean.  If anyone was around to hear me, they might think I've lost it.

아이고... 나 심심해.  Ano na naman kaya yan?  Ah whatever.  *co-worker comes in to check something* Si, muy bien.  Gracias.  Me gusta soda, por favor. Gracias.  Okay. 진짜 피곤해요.
I would've added Japanese but everything gets muddled up in my head sometimes.  Ah polyglotism.

Since I don't get to stay home all day anymore, I don't have much time to study much anymore.  I've resorted to make notes and schedules in Hangul.  Even passing time practicing my writing like so...

For me to do that, I must've been so incredibly bored.  I even Instagrammed it.  XD  Yeah.  I mean, I like that my job is so light; it didn't have the pressures of my previous one but still, I miss the company of other people whom I can easily talk to.  The reason why I lasted long with that other job was the people.  The pay on this other job is way better so I guess that's one good thing about that.  I'll just take this to further build my Korean vocabulary so I can express myself a bit more and a lot better.

The highlight of my week is my Korean class.  With work and school, I pretty much lost my time to rest - weekends - but I'm not going to give up my 한국어 크래스.  재미있어요.   But yesterday, I met up with my VIP friends for some KBBQ at my favoritest place, Castle BBQ #2.  It's the perfect place to take them because of the K-Pop MVs they play all day.  And of course, they played a BIGBANG playlist while we were in the middle of our meal.  And 2NE1.  And GD&TOP.  Funny, when they played Baby, Good Night, all of us got "affected" somewhat.  Let's just say we were the loudest table during that song.  LOL.  I'm glad for the soju in front of me. 

I mean, I dare you not to be affected by this.  TOP's fully clothed but it's hotter than any nude guy.  And the last part?  Shoot me, I'm a GD&TOP shipper.  ;-)

After food, we headed to Koreatown Galleria to burn more money.  LOL.  Gaaah, I just enjoy spending time with my VIP friends.  It's kinda cool that I met them at the BIGBANG concert and yet we kept in touch.  I don't know other people in my circle who like K-Pop and it's just so fun being with them; seeing how excited and how into it they are. 

The Music Plaza at Koreatown Galleria is like my kryptonite.  Sure, I only care about YG artists but whenever I see a YG artist's album, I make grabby hands at it.  And mind you, I don't do CDs anymore but I love DVDs.  I prepare to say goodbye to at least $120 every time I go there.  아이고, thankful for my boring job, ei?  XD  Last time, my damage was three items.  This time, it wasn't so bad. ;-)

Fangirling is still an expensive hobby and when I'm older, I might laugh at my younger self.  But I love it.  No regrets.  The 2011 BIGBANG BIG SHOW is one of my favorites.  Plus it has Secret Big Bang.  The 2011 YG Family Concert LIVE CD, I already have the songs but really, you pay for the photo book.  I originally wanted to pick up the ALIVE Making Of... or something like that but it's in Region 3.  Until I find a surefire way to bypass the DVD region BS, I'll skip that for now.  Although I really really want that.  Same story with the YG Family Concert DVD.  Region 3.  But I guess that's a blessing in disguise.  If these are in no-region format, like the BIG SHOW is, I might end up broke.  Hahaha... in moderation, as with all vices, right?

Today is St. Patrick's Day.  I'm supposed to get my drink on but I already did that yesterday with 5 shots of soju.  Give me vodka or soju any day and we'll be best friends. 

On a side note: I've taken the LA Metro trains/bus every single day since Monday, March 11.  I have a whole week of work next week so it looks like it's going to be a full 12 days straight.  Who knows, I may have plans on Saturday after school also.  ;)