Review: Missha | Face and Eyes

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Here is part two of my Missha review.  In my haul, I had things for the face, eyes, and lips.  Review Part 1 was all about the lips.  I've worn all of these on my face this week and I must say, I do like them all.

For the cheeks, we have 미샤 더 스타일 디파디닝 블러셔 CR04 베이비 코랄 (Missha The Style Defining Blusher, CR04 Baby Coral).  For the eyes, Missha The Style Triple Perfection Shadow in No. 2, Honey Orange.  These are also my first non-lip and non-BB cream cosmetic product purchase in the category of Korean makeup.  (Yes, ALL the Etude House makeup that I have are lip products.)  It's not because I don't like them.  I just don't "collect" face and eye makeup in general.  If I find something that works, I tend to stick to that.  But with this, they were on sale for next to nothing and I needed to get to a certain amount for free shipping.  ;-)

The product comes in a clear crystal packaging with the name of the line printed on the lid.  It's lovely how the shadow shows up on the product beneath the lid when you shine a light on it.  It looks so sleek and elegant.  The bottom has a design molded on the plastic/crystal that resembles the one on the lipstick lids.  There is a fair amount of product in this although it does take quite a few passes to make the color show up.  At least on my skin tone.

And like the lipsticks, this also has a scent.  Nothing overpowering though.  It smells sweet.  It reminds me of lipsticks and powder.  I know that's not helpful, lol.  But in any case, it's not distracting.  Honestly, you can only get a whiff of it when you put your nose so close that it almost touches the product.  Yes, I'm one of those weird people who smell their makeup.

The color itself is really - really - light.  It looks chalky in the swatch below but it's not.  It is a light pink; not really a coral.  I can't get it to show without flash though.  In my LOTD, I got it to show under natural light.  But not without effort.  Staying power wasn't the greatest either.  A good thing about it though is it brightens up the face.  While it doesn't act like a highlighter, it gives the cheek a pinky sheen.

Regular price: $10 on the Missha US website.  I got it for $6 on promotion.  On the website, you can click on a shade and it'll "show up" on the cheek of a model.  It is a Korean model with a slightly yellow-y skin tone.  So for us who don't have the same coloring (although I am Asian, lol), imagination is your best friend.  CR04 is what appealed the most to me so that's what I picked up.  On the model, the color is true to that on the pan.  Obviously, it's different on my swatch.  It just goes to show that makeup differs from person to person.  There aren't many Missha reviews floating around so even after researching about it, I still missed the mark.

Now, on to eyes.  It doesn't matter what eyeshadow palette I purchase... it always looks the same on my hooded eyes.  Haha, even color shadows look neutral.  It's a good thing, though.  I love neutral.  Orange is not only a favorite lip color.  It's also one of my favorite eyeshadow shades.  The other two included in this trio are a gold and a brown which are also in my favorites.  And for $3 (original price is $8), how can you go wrong?

It is a tiny thing.  TINY.  It comes in a pan, like a refill of sorts.  It doesn't have an external packaging.  I think it is meant to be put in a Z-palette or something similar.  How small is it?  Well, from top to bottom, it is more or less the circumference of a US quarter.  It's that small.  I was surprised when I got it.  I thought it was going to be at least the size of my palm but it's tiny.

But it's gorgeous.  All the shades are shimmery and they complement each other so well.  It's a bit hard to get a brush into that middle orange shade.  The brown is deep and looks almost metallic even when blended out on the crease.

If you're used to the brow bone-crease-lid configuration on a lot of eyeshadow trios, break out of that when you use this.  The shades are arranged by color intensity.  From light to dark (or dark to light depending on how you look at it).  The orange is what I assume is the lid color while the brown is for the crease.  The pale beige one is for the highlight.  But obviously, you're free to use this however you like.  I used it the way it made the most sense to me.

Here are the shades swatched in natural light (top) and with flash (bottom).  The brown is really pigmented.  When I first used it, I forgot to tap it off as I always do and ended up with a very dark, almost cut crease on my lid.  I didn't expect that.  The peachy orange is lovely.  I did build it up a bit for opacity because it is close to the color of the skin on my eyelids.

Staying power was pretty decent.  I never go without primer so I can't say for sure how this performs alone.  But with hooded eyes, I'm pretty conscious with my eye makeup throughout the day.  These stayed looking the same as when I first applied them and I am happy about that.

Overall, I'm not as happy with these face and eye stuff from Missha as I was with their lip products.  I liked them but it's not something I would call a "must-have".  I have not tried other Korean cheek and eye makeup yet so I don't have anything to compare with these.  As for the BB cream (Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 21 and No. 23), all you need to know is that it has become my holy grail product.  I know this is a bold thing to say but I've sworn off liquid foundation.  I never found anything that worked for me and it always felt so heavy like wearing a mask made of makeup.  안좋아요.  But this Asian BB cream business... man, gimme gimme!  And Missha definitely has a winner.