Review: Missha Lipsticks | 미샤 립스틱

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If you are into Asian BB creams, you might have heard of the brand MISSHA.  Their Missha M Perfect BB Cream is one of the most popular products in that market.  I personally love it; I have it in two shades and both work very well for me.  Not too long ago, they celebrated their anniversary and they had a 40% promo if you purchase off their site.  And they do have a US site:  Now, shipping time is left to be desired but the free full-sized BB cream for new customers on top of the 40% off sweetened the deal.

By the way, for you K-Pop types... DBSK/TVXQ is one of the endorsers of this brand.  When I was in the Philippines, I often saw their posters for the L'eau de Missha promotions.

While Korean lipsticks are not my favorite in terms of staying power and pigmentation, I love their colors.  Korean lipsticks tend to be on the glossy, sheer, subdued side and I like my lip colors bold.  But on days when I want to look and feel cute, I bust these cuties out.  And they have the most adorable packaging.  Instead of the boring black tubes of Western lipsticks, I sometimes get to pull out a girly pink tube with patterns embossed on the cap.

In my recent Missha order, I purchased three lipsticks.  Two of them are from the M collection.  On the left, 미샤 M 하이-글로시 퓨어 립루즈 SPF13 GOR01 오버조이 (Missha M High-Glossy Pure Lip Rouge SPF13 GOR01 Overjoy).  On the right, 미샤 M 루미너스 컬러 립루즈 SPF11 CR310 (Missha M Luminous Color Lip Rouge SPF11 CR310).  And no, those are not translations.  That's how you read it, even in Hangul.

The general packaging looks very similar.  They only differ in the color of the cap and box.  And yeah, the Missha logo on the High-glossy Pure Lip Rouge is raised whereas the one on the Luminous Color Lip Rouge is just printed.  The tubes remind me of the of the Peripera My Color Lips but not as elaborate as that.  The cap goes all the way down to the base of the tube and clicks into place.  The cap has an interesting geometric texture and the tube itself is your typical silver color. 

GOR01 Overjoy
As you can see, the product has an interesting shape.  I hate it when companies do something unique and/or cute with the actual product.  It makes it all that harder to use it because you'll end up erasing the design.  The shape of the lipstick mirrors the pattern on the cap.

GOR01 Overjoy is a glossy orange.  Swatched, it looks juicy.  It smells sweet, slightly fruity.  I don't know why but it reminds me of shampoo.  It's not awful.  I actually prefer this scent over the one on the Luminous Color one.  It's not strong and it once on your lips, it disappears.  Pigmentation is pretty good.  I like a good bright orange and this one might be on the subtle side but you can tell that it is orange.

You will lose that design eventually so enjoy looking at it in photos haha.  I already "ruined" one side because in my goal of orange opacity, it took a couple of swipes.  Like my review for the Skinfood Honey Glossy Rouge, it does get a bit heavy after a few layers.

If you want to see this next color in action, albeit a bad photo, check out my Look of the Day Missha Style.  I mentioned that this has a different scent from the last one.  And yes... a strong flowery perfume that reminds me of old ladies.  You know those tubs of talcum powders on your grandma's vanity?  Yeah, like that.  And it lingers.  Oh goodness, I'm not a fan of that.

The color is a nude-y pink.  It is pretty, kind of my lips but better.  It doesn't show up very well but it does give my overall look a boost.  It is glossy so I guess it is comparable to the lip butters.  I did reapply a few times throughout the day that I wore it but it did not settle into the fine lines of my lips.  This is perfect for an innocent or natural look that is very popular among Asians today.  If you can get over the scent - I don't mind it very much but you do get a whiff of it from time to time - this is a nice basic pink nude to add to your collection.

If you want the color to show up more vividly on your lips, I suggest you put concealer first then paint on your color.  As you can see, the colors are brighter on skin tone.  I like Overjoy a lot.  Had it not felt heavy on my lips, I would love it.  CR310 is nothing special.  I will try putting it on top of a lip concealer and who knows, maybe it'll earn more points.

Missha M High-Glossy Pure Lip Rouge = $9.00, originally $15.00
Missha M Luminous Color Lip Rouge = $7.79, originally $12.99  Free shipping for orders over $40.