Look of the Day [20130629]

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Yesterday was bittersweet.  It was the last day of my Korean language class.  I do get my Saturdays back but I did look forward to my Saturdays because I get to go to school, speak and learn Korean, and be in Old Town Pasadena.  Saturdays is also when I go on my book runs.  I drop by 2-3 used bookstores and get away with 4-6 books.

I will still be continuing with my Korean languages studies.  I have books for self-study and the progress I made in that 6 months have been very positive and it opened my eyes that I can do it.  I've had instances where I used that knowledge and that keeps me motivated.

So yeah. 거맙습니다,김선생님그리고 Pasadena Language Center!

I am starting to feel summer.  I mean, really feel it.  It's time to wear shorts again!

  • a shirt from Joe Boxer (one of my favorites)
  • shorts from Calvin Klein (I love CK bottoms - has nothing to do with 탑 though lol.)
  • Daddy's Money shoes from Ross (I call them my GD shoes and they are extremely comfortable)
  • Coach bag
  • Forever 21 shopping tote that holds my Korean books
  • Marc Jacobs watch

  • Lumene VitC+ BB Cream (this stuff is amazing)
  • ELF Mattifying Face Powder
  • ELF warm bronzer
  • Wet n Wild brow kit
  • Wet n Wild eyeshadows (I used 3 colors from 3 different trios, can't remember lol)
  • Physicians Formula pencil eyeliner
  • ... I cannot remember which mascara I used lol
  • Missha The Style Defining Blusher in Baby Coral
  • Missha M High-Glossy Pure Lip Rouge in GOR01 Overjoy
  • Maybelline gloss in Captivating Coral