Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Electro

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Whenever I hear the word ELECTRO, the first thing that comes to mind is GD&TOP's High High.  Why?

What in the world is GHETTO ELECTRO anyway?  I don't think anybody actually knows.

But as much as I love GD & TOP, this is not what this post is about.  A few days ago, I stumbled upon these new Maybelline Baby Lips.  I've only seem them in one Rite Aid so far.  I picked up three of them after looking up the colors online and now, they're happily introduced to my existing collection of Baby Lips.

I love these.  They are tinted lip balms that do not feel heavy no matter how much you slather on.  My favorite is Cherry Me, on the far right end.  Oh, I just realized that apart from Cherry Me, every tube here is limited edition.  I'm not sure if the Electro line is limited edition but for now, that's what they are.

As you can see, the Baby Lips Electro collection are in a black tube and the lettering represents the shade of the product.  The three that I picked up are:

  • Strike A Rose - a bright creamy pink that can come across coral depending on your skin tone.
  • Oh! Orange - a milky orange tint.
  • Pink Shock - a deeper pink with a hint of purple.
When I swatched all of my Baby Lips, I noticed that these are darker than the ones from the regular line.  I figured that I can do a comparison swatch on my hand (because my lips just too pigmented for these to show any considerable difference) and when I did, I came to the same conclusion.  I'm not talking about overall pigmentation; I mean I still had to swipe it a couple of times for full color.  But the colors itself are darker than their contemporaries.  So maybe the "electro" in the name means that these are supposed to pack more punch?  Be a bit neon-ish?  Idek, they're just more pigmented than the others.  That's it.  They feel the same on the lips.  They smell the same.  They don't have SPF like the others, which sucks.  But hey, that's why we have SPF'd lip balms, right?  XD

The packaging is still that simple flimsy one from before but in black.  If the old Baby Lips were aiming for cute, these babies are all for the edgy feel.  Like I mentioned earlier, the lettering on the clear cap reflects the color of the actual product.  And since the cap is clear, you can see the product itself through the top of the tube. 

Unfortunately, they look better swatched on my hand than on my lips.  As pigmented as they are, they don't make much of a difference when they're on my lips.  With the exception of Cherry Me and Pink Punch, I mainly use these as a primer for a more opaque lipstick.  Or a touch up, sometimes.  That being said, these products aren't bad at all.  But if you're looking for a lipstick alternative, these are not it.  I still like them.  I sure like collecting them.  :)

I've nothing more to say about them actually.  If you like Baby Lips, go get them.  But if you're new to these, go with anything from the original line.  While the color is darker, the pigmentation is still sheer.

See here.  There are similar colors in my existing collection so I just swatched them together with the Electros.  Coral Crush is brighter while Oh! Orange has a deeper pigmentation.

I wish Strike A Rose showed up on my lips as it does on my hand.  It really is a pretty shade.  Pink Wink, I usually wear that on top of a matte-ish lipstick for some shine.  Pink Punch can show up nice on the lips but after how many passes.  Pink Shock, same sentiments as with Strike A Rose.

Overall, I like them.  I don't wear lipstick all the time (read: when I'm at home lol) and if I want some color, this is the way to go.