In 7 days...

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The Seoul Summer Olympics will be 25 years old.

That means I will turn 25 also.  It's a nice full circle event in my life.  I was born on the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.  Tennis was reintroduced as one of the medal sports.  Twenty-five years later, here we are... I'm a huge tennis AND K-pop fan.  I've played some tennis and speak some Korean now.  Growing up, I was never into sports but I found myself watching tennis for hours.  I dabbled into so many languages but I've stayed longest with Korean.  So you see, I may be reading too much into this but if you believe in signs... this is it.

So what have I done in my 25 years?  A lot and not that much.  I believe I've lived a fun life so far.  By no means an easy one.  I've experienced so many things that we're so beyond my wildest imaginations.  Things so unexpected, I had trouble believing them myself.  I moved halfway around the world.  I've traveled across the continental United States BY ROAD... twice... all by myself.  I met so many people - okay, celebrities - that I would never even dreamed of seeing in person.  I met friends whom I truly enjoy.

But I still want more out of my life.  Those things may be fun, slightly trivial... still fun.  And yet I feel that I this can't be it.  I have an okay job and all that but where I am right now... I'm not satisfied.  I feel like this is just something to tide me over until I find something better or "my ideal".  I'm not getting any younger and I don't know how much longer these opportunities will stick around (not that there is very many to begin with lol). 

I want to do so much more and while there are more limitations than opportunities, I'll get there somewhere.  A dreamer is bound to see reality one of these days. 

So when I see you back here next Tuesday, I've been on this good earth for 25 years.  I hope I have more than 25 more left in this tank.  There's so much world to see!