I'm Crocheting Again.

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'Tis the season for hooks and yarns again!  :)  As you know, I crochet.  I'm no expert but it's another random skill that I picked out of a hat.

1. How long have you been crocheting?
It was my Home Economics class in high school, I think.  I was around 13 years old.  We worked with the thin crochet yard - I remember mine was hunter green - and a tiny hook.  But I don't think I learned crocheting from that class.  My teacher and everyone else were right-handed and no one could explain it to me because I'm a lefty.  

I started crocheting ~regularly in 2011.  I went to Michaels one day and just went to town.  I originally wanted to make a Hogwarts scarf but I ended up doing other things.

Confession: My final project in that Home Ec class was mostly made by my mom. ;-)

2. Who taught you how to crochet?
Now that I think about it... no one did.  Like I said above, I didn't get anything from my Home Ec class.  It's like it came naturally to me one day.  When I was younger, I didn't know how to "properly" hold the hook and yarn but when I got home from Michaels that day, I was crocheting like crazy.

3 .Whats your favorite hook size?
I like them big. ;-) From Size H up. I like chunky scarves..

4. Whats your favorite Brand of hooks?
I only have hooks from one brand, Boye.  Then that random set of huge hooks from Big Lots.

5. Whats your Favorite Yarn?
Vanna's Choice and Loops & Threads are so soft.  Red Heart is okay if I'm not being particular.

6. Whats your Favorite pattern?
Another confession: I cannot read a pattern. Heh.

7. Whose your favorite Crochet guru?
Tracey Nguyen.  She's not mainly a crochet guru but I like her tutorials because they are so easy to follow.  She doesn't use craft jargon and that's useful to absolute beginners.
8. What are you inspired by?
Geeky stuff.  I mostly do scarves so I also think of the whole outfit when I use it.  I've done only one geeky project and I'm so proud of it.  It's Captain America's shield.  I brought it with me at The Avengers premiere and a LOT of people took photos of it.  I'm planning to bring it again at the Captain America: The Winter Soldier premiere next year.

9. What do you use for a stitch marker?
A different piece of yarn. But I never really needed one in most of the stuff I do.

10.What was the highest amount you paid for 1 skein of yarn?
$4.  I didn't know better lol.

11. How many times have you re done a project before you got it right?
Twice.  I was almost done with the section when I realized I missed a stitch somewhere in the middle.

12. Do you know how to read patterns?
NOPE. I want to learn but eh.

13. How do you feel, when your in a yarn store? (Express yo feelings)
Overwhelmed.  Always.  So many colors, low prices... so many possibilities!  I'm never ready when I find myself in a craft store.

14. Do you have a lot of yarn, but still feel like its not enough?
Absolutely.  When I see a skein, I see a project.

15. Do you think your a Yarn-a-holic?
I'm getting there lmao.

16. Have you ever free styled crochet?
Yes. It came out great.   But I don't recommend it to beginners.

17. Express how you feel when you are counting in crochet, and someone interrupts you.
I finish my row or stitch before replying to whoever that was who interrupted me.

18. Do you dream about crochet?
LOL, not yet.  Although I dreamed I was wearing one of my projects in that dream.

19. Do you drive and crochet?
I don't think that's legal. LOL. 

20. Do you crochet at work?
I wish I can do that.  To kill time.

21. Do you dislike it when you have a simple pattern, but it is hard to follow due to the way it is written?
I can't read patterns.  I have no idea how to translate those lines and dots and whatnot.

22. How many U F O ( Un - Finished - Objects) do you have?
One.  I don't start something without finishing the one I'm working on.

23. Do you travel with your hook and yarn?
I might.  Maybe.  I don't know.  I normally bring books when I travel.