K-pop Goodie Bag!

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감사합니다! ♡

When one of your boss’ contacts asks you what you did over the weekend, tell the truth that you went to KCON 2013. I did that and unexpectedly received an awesome K-pop goodie bag months later.

Back story:  KCON 2013 happened back during the weekend of 24-25 August 2013.  I didn't go to work Monday because I could barely lift my arms.  The next day, when I was speaking with one of my boss' business contacts, he asked how my weekend went.  As always, I gave the people in the office a different excuse for my absence the day prior... and they had no idea what I did outside the office lol.  In a rare moment, I told the truth.  I told him that I spent my weekend at KCON.

We deal with a lot of Korean companies at work.  He is one of them.  He just nodded and asked, "Oh you like K-pop?  Who's your favorite?"  Short answer: Big Bang.  I was still reeling with KCON memories and I was trying to box it in without visibly vibrating.  I don't know how he takes his K-music.  For all I know, he's one of those Koreans who are totally jaded when it comes to K-pop.  He just nodded and that was that.

Some weeks later, he brought it up again. He asked which one from Big Bang was my bias.  He didn't say "bias" but that's what he meant in K-pop terms haha.  I told him TOP or G-Dragon... but really, anyone's fine.  And then he said he'll try to give me a poster.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon.  His company's messenger came by the office with a large Banana Republic shopping bag.  I didn't schedule any pickups and it was the first time he went to the office to deliver something to us.  My boss thought it was for him or the whole office but it was addressed to ME.  I went into a mini "OMG OMG OMG" freakout when I realized what it was.  I immediately took the photo above before going back to work. But not without a stupid grin on my face the whole freakin' day.

I didn't get to explore the goodie bag until I got home although I took a peek at the poster.  It was this one:

I legit squealed!  I was so thankful that the office was empty when I did.

The bag was filled with Big Bang goodies: keychains, phone bling, an official Alive Tour towel, a G-Dragon mini blanket, a 2014 calendar, poster book... man, it was packed!  I was so grateful and I kinda needed something like this to cap off this week, this month.

I'm just touched and overwhelmed that someone whom I only spoke to in passing, about business, would do something like this.  I must've been doing something good after all.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!