My High is EPIK!

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In 25 days. I will be sharing breathing space with Epik High. Tablo, DJ Tukutz, and Mithra Jin. The last time I was this excited was at the Big Bang concert. That was just VIP pit with access to the sound check. This time, I have meet & greet - a professional photo op (ala Josh Hutcherson) that automatically comes with a "hi-touch" and because these guys are such sweethearts, they said yes to autographs. Squee! 

If you don't know who Epik High is... well, you should. I mean, even if you're not into K-pop, go check them out. They're one of the first Korean acts that I listened to and I think I fell in love with them before I even know who Big Bang was. *gasp*  Even if you don't understand Korean, you'll definitely fall for the beats and the rhythm. Much more when you read the meanings of the song. Tablo and Mithra are poetic geniuses. Pair that with DJ Tukutz's mastery of beats and you got yourself a winner.

I loved them when they were in Woollim. I love them even more now that they're with YG Entertainment. The story of how Tablo - and eventually the rest of Epik High - ended up with YG is such a good one. I kept repeating that part of the YG Strong Heart episode because it's so endearing and very inspiring. The main reason why I started watching Superman is Back is because of Tablo and Haru; I ended up loving all the dads and babies. Tukutz and little Yunu made appearances while Tablo and Haru were there. And Mithra Jin... let's just say I have a thing for rappers with low timbre voices. ;-)

And speaking of autographs, I want my Pieces of You signed. But that's Tablo's book. How about Tukutz and Mithra? I think I'll just have a copy of 신발장. As much as I want my Pieces of You signed... can't have them all. Ah, decisions... 

I originally have the VIP floor ticket, the one that came after this one. I bought it just as a buffer in case I wasn't able to score a Meet and Greet ticket. I had my brother working with me. I was at work with the slow as heck internet and he was at home where both the computer and internet were faster. He was the one who got me the M&G ticket. I had him refreshing over and over until he got the one that costs $190. I almost screamed at him via Twitter DM. Actually, I think I did lol. (I will borrow his services again once Big Bang comes around.) I managed to sell off my other ticket for less than face value. That's okay... I got my M&G ticket and that's all that matters.

I have all sorts of wish lists for this Los Angeles stop. Especially guest performers. I'm pretty sure they will be performing my favorites such as Fan, Don't Hate Me, Love Love Love, Spoiler, 우산, and some of Tablo's solos. But what I would give to see Ride performed live in front of my eyes. And how about for Born Hater? As much as I would want them to bring over Song Minho with them, he might be busy at that time. There are a good number of awesome Korean-American rappers in LA so maybe one of them...? Hope so. YG talents are spotted in LA venues whenever one of their own is in town. I mean, Danny Im... how about having a sort of 1TYM reunion on the Epik High stage? Lydia Paek to feature on Happen Ending? One could dream.

Whatever happens, it's going to be a fucking blast. They already ruled K-pop night at SXSW and definitely caught people's ears. My appreciation for Epik High knows no boundaries. I hope they continue doing what they do for a long long time.