2015 Iconography & Listography

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Just when you thought that 2015-related posts are so last year... ;-)

I'm so pumped for 2016 but I'm forever grateful for all the things that happened in the past year. The good and the bad. I hope the good things will continue and all the bad things will get better. For you and for me.

I'll try something different. Iconography. I'm not exactly good at it but I'm testing out a website/service that makes it easy for Photoshop dummies like me. If you've noticed, I've been tweaking the appearance of this blog. A little change for 2016, yeah?


I can't get enough of them. They're exhausting and I tend to spend much more than my budget - not to mention, adding to the clutter in my room - but I love them. I'm looking forward to going to more in 2016. Preferably, EVO 2016.

  • 3 times at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I can tell you where the nearest restrooms are. WonderCon is moving to LACC in 2016, by the way.

OH BOY. One after the other. My bank account suffered but it was so worth it. I enjoyed the $$ that I earned. I did save some but hey, some people buy shoes, I buy VIP concert tickets. To each her own.

  • 3 times at the Staples Center.
  • 2 times at Club Nokia.
  • 4 times watching Eyes, Nose, Lips performed live.


  • Korean skin care - especially the Laneige Balancing Emulsion.
  • Hulu+ - within the first few days, it totally paid for itself!
  • Running Man-inspired snapbacks. I'm not a snapback person but if I see it on a RM cast member's head, I must have it. Especially the Iron Man one.
  • MONDAY COUPLE! I never wanted a ship to sail for real so badly. Kang Gary and Song Ji-hyo are just the cutest together.
  • The artist alleys at conventions. It turned from something I skipped all together to the first and last place I check out.
  • Aaron Brothers framing. Directly influenced by artist alleys.
  • Anime. There are so many out there.
  • The Fighting Game Community. Not just Street Fighter, but also Tekken games which I started playing again on our beautiful MadCatz SFV TE2 Chun-Li.
  • Okamoto Kitchen!
  • KoreLimited Olympic 1988 Zip Up jacket.
  • Heavy Rain
  • Sword and Scale podcast. Season 3 premieres Monday, 4 January.
  • China wholesale websites: AliExpress, CNDirect, Dresslink, WholesaleBuying.
I'll talk about my projects and resolutions in another post. For now, goodbye 2015! You were absolutely incredible.