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I swear; I did not intend my most recent posts to be about journaling. In a row. Sorry. I have other stuff planned but these require less planning and I want them done right away because I might forget about them. I'm amazed that I'm remembering dreams lately. I figured, I should take note.

This time - last night, actually - it was about rain. And Bon Jovi. But we'll deal with one thing at a time. I know... a strange combination. But it's another one of those two dream nights.

The rain dream was just about less than five minutes long. It really was just like a flash. But it was special because my late maternal grandfather was in it. I don't dream about dearly departed relatives that frequently. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. What do you think?

Anyway, I dreamed that I was making my daily walk to work. There's a steep slope that I have to walk down from my house to the main thoroughfare en route to the transport station. I happen to like walking in the rain. It was raining a bit when my dream self left the house. I had my orange umbrella open but after a few paces, I closed it up because the rain wasn't bothering me. Then, it became a torrential downpour... the wind was so strong that the water didn't even fall vertical. It was almost horizontal. Actually, no water was hitting me.

Details become cloudy after that but I know I decided to turn back to the house. When I did, my grandfather was there... holding a huge black umbrella over my head.  (Yes, you betcha I'm trying not to cry right now.) I could not see his face but I know it was him. I can't say we were exceptionally close, not like with him and my brother, but I felt safe when he was around. And I definitely felt safe in that dream.

Paired with the fact that it was raining. Rain is a positive dream symbol according to a lot of references that I've read online. Even Carl Jung says so.

The rain and even the storm are very good signs. The storm represents a very important solution for a very big problem. It represents divine justice after pain. The rain gives water to the dry earth. Without water, there is no life. We depend on the rain for many reasons. The rain also cleans our dirty world. Its water is a true blessing. This is why it represents important solutions in dreams.

The appearance of this positive dream symbol in a dream will give you courage and hope. It’s very good to discover the solution for a problem that you couldn’t solve! The rain or the storm in a dream will give you relief and self-confidence.The rain in a dream will show you that you have really found the answer you were looking for. The unconscious mind will help you understand what you have found and why this finding will help you solve your problems.

The rain in a dream can also be a prediction. You may be about to discover what you need. In this case the dream symbol prepares you for finding a solution. It works like an alert.

A dream about rain or about a storm will make you pay attention to your reality, without forgetting that you are looking for a certain solution. You will have the serious attitude of a researcher, without being disconnected with your reality, thinking about something else. The rain in a dream reminds you that you have to pay attention to many details in order to finally find the solution you are looking for. - Source.

It's very positive. I particularly like the part about rain being a prediction. Honestly right now, I like so many things but at the same time, I don't know what I want. Makes sense? Probably not. But it does to me. The appearance of my grandfather in my dream makes me more convinced that this dream is positive. What ever I'm looking for or where I might go, I have his guidance. I hope I make him proud.

Now... as for Bon Jovi. Eh... it was one of those random encounters and we end up talking for some minutes. We took a photo and that was it. I woke up at the ridiculousness of it. Not that Bon Jovi is ridiculous. No, I love his music. It's the situation. LMAO, as if I haven't been in those kind of situations before.

Ah, I don't know. My brother and I were just talking about Heavy Rain and David Cage games before going to bed. Maybe that's one of the triggers? And idk, unless WINNER comes to Los Angeles, I don't have a concert lined up this year yet. Thus the Bon Jovi reference? Ah, pfft. XD

Hopefully this feeling of lightness, happiness, and hope doesn't backfire on me today and the coming days. Positive vibes only.