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Previously on the BIGBANG ALIVE Tour 2012 newsfeed:
On the demand for tickets, YG Entertainment stated, “With an unexpected amount of response in the US and Hong Kong, we are discussing additional concerts at the moment.”
Source: Big Bang Updates

About a week after:

Dear YG CEO,

Kamsahamnida!  \o/

Me.  And the rest of the VIPs in the USA.

You might be thinking, "Oh but you already have a ticket.  You can't seriously be thinking of going twice."

I AM.  Thinking of going twice.  Going twice.

Call me crazy.  Maybe I am.  I will shoot for a VIP ticket.  If I still don't get it... well, I might think about not going.   But I still might go.  Enjoy one night and document the hell out of the other.  I hope I get a VIP ticket.  I want those freebies, dammit!