Tickets, 어떡해?!

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My main source of stress this fine June.  But first:

See? Seeeee?! It happened! I talked all about it here and now I have proof!

(I may have to lighten up on Epik High thing because my dreams these past two nights have been with them. One night, it was my endless quest to take a selca with them. Last night, I was at a random Starbucks and they decided to share tables with me. I mean, whut? I wish!)

Anyhooo... it's another start of the week. I look forward to Monday nights thanks to Mostly Walking. They have yet to announce the next game or if they are doing a show tonight but still, my body's been trained to love Mondays partly because of this show. (Edit: No show today and next week.)

We also have family coming over this weekend. One of my relatives from the Philippines will be spending a week with us starting Friday to tour Los Angeles. As you know, I love taking people around. I love playing tour guide and really, I don't mind taking time out to do so. And really, I love going to Universal Studios and Hollywood and the several different museums and tourist spots in this lovely city.

So it seems that I'm going to have an awesome week, right? Well, I sure hope so. But already, I am so very stressed out. The BIGBANG MADE in USA tickets are going on sale this week. From my experience during both bloodbaths of the last tour, this one is going to be the same. Never mind the ticket prices, I can handle that. But the stress... oh god. Siva Group, you spoiled me. It was so hassle-free with them. The Epik High concert is one of the very best that I've attended partly because of how well it was handled. How I wish they did this tour too. Alas... we are to rely on this huge promotion monster... quantity over quality.

At first, I'm willing to fight for VIP for the Los Angeles leg of the tour. I know how fcking awesome that experience was, from the sound check to being on the dance floor during Fantastic Baby. Plus, I got a VIP pass, special bag, shirt, and free light stick with it. All that plus the incredible experience was worth its steep price tag. And I went the next date as well, with my original, non-VIP ticket to just enjoy the show without taking pictures. It was the best two-night concert of my life.

This time around, they're doing LA and Anaheim. Ticket sales will be open to public on June 12, at 12nn. Going back to the paragraph about having family over, we've scheduled a trip to the Universal Studios Hollywood on that day. If I need to be at home in front of a computer with a fast internet by 12nn, it's not going to leave much time to enjoy Universal Studios. If it were just me, I don't mind... I have an annual pass. She doesn't. I've volunteered to buy per a pass and take her around. I can't just bail on that. Then there's this BS about the Anaheim date having a pre-sale starting tomorrow at 10AM. Originally, I was planning to get the cheapest ticket just to enjoy the concert. Now... I think I have a better chance of scoring a VIP there vs Los Angeles.

I was talking to my mom and brother about this, my unofficial voices of reason. They both said to forget about VIP and just go with the 2nd best ticket. I won't get the VIP swag or I won't be that close to the stage but I will have a reserved seat and a better view of what's going on as a whole. Having experienced that on my 2nd ALIVE Tour night, I did enjoy the view. But then again, this conversation happened after my EPIK night. I was pit and loved it. Waaaaah, I'm so torn. I can see the reason, the practicality, behind what they were saying but my fangirl heart wants to try for VIP still.

Mom and bro also expressed that they want to join me at the LA show. Not with the same ticket but somewhere cheaper. They just want to see/hear them live. I would LOVE to have them there. I really don't mind buying them tickets, to be honest. They were also telling me that I'm not a K-pop concert noob. "Give chance to those who are," they both said. I call BS on that but I kind of get it. Then, I was cleaning up my room last night and I saw my VIP lanyard and all those doubts came running back to me. ;_____________;


And as for the Anaheim show, they're telling me not to go. 헐. 헐. 헐.

A part of me totally gets it and agrees. Yes, I've been VIP before and it would be selfish of me to want another one. It's unfortunate that I will not be at home in front of a computer on the day of sale but maybe that is a sign. Can't be too greedy. 

But on the other hand... VIP was such an incredible experience that I don't want to miss out on it. I know how it felt like and it was leaps and bounds better than any other ticket out there. Back then, I scored it by chance and I saw it as a sign that it really was for me. But this time... should I look at it as a sign too? Or am I being too philosophical about it? DX

As for Anaheim, that's another can of worms all together. Especially now that VIP Nation has released the perks of VIP. I mean... you get why I'm stressing out, right? If you're a huge fan of anything, you'd know the feeling. Presale starts TOMORROW, June 9 at 10AM. I'll be at work and our internet reminds me of stupid dial-up. I might pester my brother again for help on this because he has a faster computer and internet connection. Thinking about all this gives me the shakes. 

So yeah, I'm legit stressing out. Both Staples and Honda Center have released seating map and while I'm this close to giving up on going VIP for the LA show, the Anaheim show is giving me hope. But I think this VIP package information served only to stress me out so much more.

My target seat is the red one but not on the floor. Then my mom and brother can get tickets from the green section.

Anaheim... ah hell. I don't know. And I have less than 20 hours to decide. Or I can take the scalper route. Idek.

What ever I decide, my bank account ain't gonna be happy. I'm already spending on that Universal Studios 1-Day pass. And just last week, 2 multi-passes for Comikaze 2015.

Before I go, until they announce someone from YG is coming, KCON 2015 is off my events list.


Freakin' LA date has pre-sale as well!

Presale starts: Wed, Jun 10, 2015 - 10:00AM PDT