BLOCK B | Blockbuster US Tour [20151115]

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I'm going to my final convention/event this weekend so let's get this out of the way, shall we?

Do you wanna be? BLOCK B!

Le gasp! They're not from YG Entertainment! And whut? I bought a VIP ticket? With a hi-touch? Yup.

This was my 2nd time at Club Nokia. I love this place. It's intimate, the acoustics are great, and I don't think there's a bad view. The last time I was here was for the Show Me the Money 4 concert in Los Angeles. I was down there in the GA PIT area. It was fun but this late in the year, I've run out of energy to show up super early so I'll be in front. At that concert, I noticed that the seats up in the first row balcony have pretty awesome view of the stage. This concert offered that also under VIP+ (1st Block) so I got that instead. I got to the venue about 30 minutes before they let people in and I was seated in no time. I still got my hi-touch but no crowding and craziness of the Pit.

Club Nokia plays the most random music before a show. We got classical music at SMTM4 and this time, we got movie scores. Well, I guess it fit because Block B's theme for this concert is "blockbuster". Films and such.

Confession, I am a Block B fan. I don't "stan" them as I do BIGBANG and WINNER but I definitely enjoy a LOT of their music. I bought a VIP ticket, didn't I? ;-)

I first saw Block B live earlier this year at KCON. So yep, Second time this year as well. I loved their energy and like I said, their songs are great. I like the subunit too, Bastarz. I don't know all of them very well but my "bias" is P.O. He reminds me of TOP both in voice and dress. And they're pretty bingu too. XD Jaehyo is so beautiful, it's distracting. Poor guy had to go through the whole concert sitting down because of an injury. He looked so much happier when he's on his feet with the other guys. And he tried to dance along when he could. Taeil is quirky. So glad that he actually hits those notes live. Park Kyung, he calls LA his "hometown". Cute! And he's pretty charismatic. U-Kwon reminded me of iKon's Jinhwan and I swear, B-Bomb, especially with the hair that he had that night, reminded me of Super Junior's Siwon. Jaehyo wasn't the only one who was distracting. And Zico... heh. Crazy. XD

(Can you imagine WINNER's Song Mino as a Block B member? He was supposed to be with them until shit happened. But he's with WINNER now. I'm not complaining at all. I need to see them live, asap.)

They started out the show with a "technical difficulty". I got it all on video. A bit on that lol... as with a lot of concerts, photo and video weren't allowed but I got away with 5 videos and 130 photos anyway. That first row balcony is my new favorite spot at this venue. I've gotten pretty good and sneaky when it comes to concert camera work and still getting to enjoy the concert. It's not the most law-abiding thing but at least I have something to share with you guys.

But I digress. Someone posted the set list from the Chicago show. They followed the set list with no other technical difficulties. It was such a high energy and fun show. Even the slower songs were energetic. I was able to record without problem the first song, Very Good. And then someone tapped me on the shoulder telling me - and my seat mates - that we couldn't do that.

I put my devices down a while. Yeah, I'm a good girl. ;-) I didn't have a light stick because they didn't sell it on site. I usually buy light sticks at a concert per show I go to. But hey, when they shot out the confetti ribbons, they made great pompoms. LMAO!

OMG Jaehyo killed in that red sweater. He was so distracting! All of them were great with their English. Zico though... Los Ahn-jjelez. Oh-kay. He remedied that further into the show. The crowd was great. One of the best that I've ever been a part of. They sang every song and really, I want one of those light sticks. They're so cute!

I looooove that Zico performed Okey-dokey. It has Mino's voice in it. I only recorded the first part - Mino's part if he were there - because I got scared. I might be caught again and as the Club Nokia people kept on saying, "You paid a lot of money for this ticket. Don't waste the experience." I did but I took the risk. I love this song. If this is the closes thing I could get to seeing Mino live, so be it.

I would've seen Zico live three times this year if he joined Palo Alto at the SMTM4 concert. And brought Mino with him. Heh. But two is a good number. Block B is up there with Tablo and BIGBANG.

Here are my other fancams: HER and Zero for Conduct.  Apologies for the random finger blocking the view. I wasn't so confident after all lmao. And also, the speakers were right at my feet so overload was inevitable. But enjoy them nonetheless.

Hi-touch was interesting. They weren't as engaging as the SMTM4 guys, which was understandable. A bunch of over-excited girls and they were tired and who knows what else. They were smiling but you could see they were tired. Not saying that the SMTM4 guys were not tired. It's just that I think they could speak better English, they could communicate with the fans better. At least with me, only three or four made eye contact. That's okay. I enjoyed the show and that was more than I could ask for. SubKulture Entertainment were kind enough to film the hi-touch experience. There were staffers in the way for most of it but I saw myself well enough in the footage. :)

Around the 6:22 mark, the little girl in the grey sweater with wings and a Halyang cap and a neon shoulder bag. That be me.

(Hah, now that I watch the video back... poor guys. But thank you so much for toughing it out.)

Would I go to another Block B concert? Fuck yes! VIP if I could help it. I hope they work with SubKulture again or Siva Group Entertainment. They handled K-pop concerts so well. I got lucky with my concerts this year. So yay for that and yay for the artists!

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