Show Me The Money 4 in LA!

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Powerhouse Live
2015 is the year the Hallyu gods smiled upon me. I thought it was 2012 when 2NE1 and BIGBANG came to the US. It was followed by 2013 with my first KCON. 2014 introduced me to WINNER but that year, I went back to my Hollywood world. Not much going on in my K-pop life... just my hoarding of anything WINNER lol.

I thought 2015 was going to be the same. I got more into conventions and anime and nerdy things. That is... until Epik High went on their North American tour. That got the ball rolling. From there, BIGBANG announced their 2nd world tour; I went to my 2nd KCON (2, 3). And if that wasn't enough... Show Me the Money 4 is coming to Los Angeles.

[I'm this close to kiss the ground where I currently reside. LOL.]

If you've been following this K-drama, you will know that WINNER's Song Minho is not only one of the contestants, he's also in the Final Two. Apart from being an idol rapper (and it seems like a part of him is not ashamed of being one in front of all these established hip-hop people), he has history as a young underground rapper by the name of Hugeboy MINO together with Block B's Zico. He actually calls Mino his "most treasured dongsaeng" which warms my heart of hearts.

MNET's been very dirty in this show, rather questionable at times. There were moments - no, whole episodes - where there was nothing but secondhand embarrassment. Sometimes, they air 90% drama and only 10% of talent. They clearly play favorites. I don't deny that Mino is their favorite since Day 1 because Mino's been involved in another MNET talent reality show that was really successful, Who Is Next? WIN. But they also screwed him up so many times. Until the very end, mind you. Either Mino wins and everyone thinks it's just because he's YG. Or he loses because everyone hates him. Poor baby.

But that doesn't really matter now. He's top 2 and I've read somewhere that only the top 2 contestants are going on the US shows. So that's Basick and Mino. At this point, I don't care who wins... I like them both and I'm going to see my word genius fave Verbal Jint perform live. And oh, Tablo for a second time in less than six months. Yeah-yuh.

The organizers said that Zico will not join Mino and Paloalto on the tour. Yes, I did see him with Block B at KCON but to see him with his precious dongsaeng on stage together would've been a dream. Being the huge ZiPal team stan, I hope Tablo jumps in if ever they'll do moneyflow ... or have Mino join them for Born Hater. Tablo, MINO, and Verbal Jint all there and play BI's chorus bit... they've done that song with less members.

Also, Jinusean will only be doing the Los Angeles show! A-yooooo! I don't get what they're doing on this show but I love them, okay? Sean 삼촌 is my bb Daehanie's favorite. And here's the obligatory "Jinu oppa is hawt". (He shares the same name as WINNER's Kim Jinwoo but I can call Jinu "oppa" while Jinwoo is my dongsaeng.)  I don't know how to feel about San E only that it gave me a smidge of pleasure seeing Mino diss him (and MNET) for that Black Nut fiasco. I'm not the biggest Jay Park fan when he "raps" but I like a couple of his "singer" songs.

I would've liked a few more contestants to come along but... logistics. WINNER even has a Japan tour date on the same day at the NYC show. Poor baby. He's going to be so tired and I don't think he'll have time to sight-see. Maybe he can do that when he has his WINNER members with him... on their own world tour or a YG Family Concert? *wink*

I got the P1 ticket, of course. Like with my previous VIP ticket for the BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour, I got mine straight from Powerhouse Live which means I didn't pay the nasty service fee from AXS/Ticketmaster. It's going to be first come-first serve so I have to be there early to get a good spot. Ya know, shrimps like me need all the help we can get. And according to Powerhouse, there will be a special fan service event planned out! Yes, fcking please!

So there you go. Another event to add to my already eventful 2015 calendar. Hopefully, all goes well and I can meet Mino... that will tide me over until I meet the rest of WINNER.

The show is now going to be at Club Nokia LA Live. YES!